Madison Periodontics & Implantology
Dr. Fanasy P. Jefcoat
Board Certified Periodontist


Our office is a fantastic place to have your periodontal and implant needs addressed, but don't take our word for it:  

Hear it directly from our patients!!

"I had several operations combined into one procedure which is really very difficult to achieve. It was amazing! I practically (literally) don't have veins, but Dr. Jefcoat got my IV from the 1st attempt. I didn't feel anything and had no side effects for the first time. This operation was a miracle because I was planned to have 2 implants but Dr. Jefcoat found out that at the place where one of the implants was to be placed, I have a nerve problem and if anybody touched it my face could be paralyzed. No one has ever noticed it before and I have been in treatment for 4 years. I am so thankful, God knows how much. Thank you, Dr. Jefcoat!"

≈ Larisa T.
Memphis, Tennessee

"Unfortunately my wife has had a lot of tooth operations recently: 6 root canals, 8 implants, and bone grafts. After each operation it took her 2 to 3 weeks to heal. This is the first operation she has had without side effects and it was
extremely successful. Dr Jefcoat has great talent. She is extremely pleasant, friendly, gives a lot of time to her patients, and is very careful. Thank you, Dr. Jefcoat!"

≈ Brian C.
Memphis, Tennessee

"I was very nervous to visit a Periodontist. Dr. Jefcoat calmed my fears and tailored a treatment plan and surgery to put me on the road to a healthy mouth."

≈Connie S.
Albany, Louisiana

"The biggest fear of most people who are going to the dentist, especially a Periodontist, is the shot to deaden or numb the gum. The procedure that I had with Dr. Fanasy Jefcoat was not what I feared, it was experiencing the pain of “The Shot”. I had memories of the burning and stinging of a shot. I sat in the chair tensed up and was ready. Dr. Jefcoat and her assistant applied a numbing gel to my gums and gave this time to take effect. She then told me she was going to give me the shot to begin the numbing. A couple of seconds later, Dr Jefcoat stated she had given the shot and I should feel the numbing begin. I did not even feel the needle or the medicine that was given via the needle. My response was “YOU GAVE THE SHOT ALREADY?” The procedure was done quickly and painlessly. So if you are putting off your procedure due to “ Fear of the Needle”, you can rest assured that you should have no fear. By the way, my follow up by Dr. Jefcoat was great and the healing process was just as she had explained."

≈Brenda K.
Ridgeland, Mississippi

"I started my first implant procedure in the Spring of 2013. After more than a year I've had no problems with it. I've just had my second implant. Both were done by Dr. Jefcoat. I've had very successful outcomes with both implants with a minimum of discomfort. Dr. Jefcoat and her staff provide great care and excellent service."

≈ Billy S.
Madison, Mississippi

"I was astounded yesterday afternoon that after the tissue deadeners wore off, I experienced no pain at all, only mild discomfort. Painkillers not needed. I am favorably impressed that Dr. Jefcoat was able to do all of her work with no pain whatsoever."

≈ Edward Mc.
Madison, Mississippi

"I had periodontal flap and osseous surgery in all four molar quadrants performed yesterday by Dr. Jefcoat. The two hour operation was pain free throughout and I was very comfortable. Second day into recovery and I am still pain free. My highest recommendations go to Dr. Jefcoat."

≈ Ron H.
Florence, Mississippi